jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Cute Etsy Finds: Chet and Dot

I just can't stand the cuteness of this shop. Just saying.

La dulzura de esta tienda me supera.

Chet and Dot 

Chet and Dot is a beautiful shop owned by Jenn Hill (who also co-owns RobotCandy) and is so incredibly full of cuteness. She has a huge stock of plushies, pouches and cases, prints, adornments, you name it. Everything is so lovely, if I had to choose one thing on her shop I would die trying to pick just one thing!

Chet and Dot es una hermosa tienda cuya dueña es Jenn Hill (quien tambien es una de las dueñas de  RobotCandy) y esta increiblemente llena de dulzura. Tiene una inmensa cantidad de muñecos, monederos y fundas, impresiones, adornos, lo que quieras. Todo es tan adorable! Si tuviera que elegir una sola cosa de su tienda, moriria intentando elegir solo una!

Aw, and this is just a tiny bit of all the things she has on her shop. Check her out! I always find things like this completely inspirational~ Jenn also has a Facebook Page and a Twitter account Make sure to visit her and show her some love!

Aw, esta es solo una pequeña muestra de todas las cosas que tiene en su tienda. Visitenla! Siempre encuentro  este tipo de cosas completamente inspiradoras~ Jenn tambien tiene una pagina de Facebook y una cuenta de Twitter . Asegurense de visitarla y mostrarle algo de amor!

Have a nice day~

Que tengan un hermoso dia~

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  1. Hello! Im a big fan of your blog, i included a link on my blog page and would love it if you could return the favour.


    Have a nice day !

  2. Hi, Analia! I really missed you! How are you? Everything's ok on this neck of the woods. Life's been quite different from what I'm used to, but I'm happier than ever :D.

    Hope you're in blog mood soon! I really want to read more about you! ;)

    Super tight hugs! Oh, and I love these dolls, btw!


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