viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Cute Halloween: Invitation cards

Halloween can be scary cute! Or at least I think so. If you don't check these cute Halloween invitation cards~!

Happy Halloween by Kristen Craft (this one is not available for buying anymore :C)

Some years ago I made invitations for my kids inspired on the Monsters Parade one, they ended up very well! I still have to think about which invitations I'll give this year for my kids's party (ok, it's kinda late, but still, I'll try to think about something this weekend ;_;).

Have a nice day~!

2 comentarios:

  1. Do you mean a Halloween party? If so, wow, I didn't know people celebrated it here in Argentina (well, aside from foreign schools).

    Have a nice day, you too :).


  2. Yes~! We celebrate Halloween at home. Whenever we can we throw a party for the kids and later at night one for the not-so-grown ups ^^

    This year there won't be a not-so-grown up party, but we're still making a little one for the kiddies C: (little party because everything is so expensive here ~_~ damn it)




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