viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

I ♥ Blogs: Hello Sandwich

I just wanted to share with you an amazing blog I found recently: Hello Sandwich.

Click on the image to go to Sandoichi's blog~

Hello Sandwich is the blog of an Australian graphic designer (Sandwich) living in Tokyo. She often goes out to take pictures, shares great links, cute tutorials and videos, super interesting reports, and I don't know how many more amazing things.

So, if you enjoy Japan-related-stuff, I'm sure you'll love Sandwich's blog~ For me it was love at first sight!

Have a nice day!

miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

Themed picspam: polka dots

Yeeey~~ Another themed picspam~

Who doesn't love polka dots? I know I do xD
I've been collecting some cute polka dots pictures, and I want to share them with you! You can see the originals by clicking on the images or the links below :3

Polka Dot Flats

Polka Dots!!

Pink polka dot elephant

She loves reading / Szeret olvasni
This is one of my favorites *3*

And this is another one of my favorites :3

ThrillerStore Sunglasses 

(leCoqSportif hoodie via Agente-K)

(Converse shoes via Colmilludo)

(Umbrella via Umbrella Heaven)

Ahh ;_; I don't know where you can get this freaking wonderful shoes ;_; sorry

And finally, some Etsy cute polka-dot-related-stuff.

Seeing Spots by MelissaAbram

Polka Dots Skirt by jenfashion (and another favorite of mine xD)

I'll never get tired of this cute little dots ;_; Wich one is your favorite? I can't pick just one xD
 I hope you have enjoyed this picspam!!

It's super rainy here (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥), I think I'll spend the whole day watching Star Wars movies with my kids while crochetting xDD

I hope you have a great day!

martes, 18 de enero de 2011

Dedicated treasuries

When I first started to make treasuries, I promissed Asmoix I would made one dedicated to her. But, as you may know I tend to forget things xD so the unfinished treasury layed down on my non-public treasuries for some time. Recently I remembered it so I finished that treasury last week (haha, I'm a messy mess~). I loved making this, because Asmoix has some awesome taste :3

(Click on the image to go to the treasury)

And she made one back for me :3 and I must say I felt so touched (also, she called me a "pink punk bunny" ♥♥♥♥)!  Every single item is lovely and represents me so much ;_; Thank you Roo!
(Click on the image to go to the treasury)

I've been also featured on some other fantastic treasuries, and I have to make lots of them to thank the curators who included me, so I'm really thankful ^^

Do you enjoy making treasuries? You can show them here if you want :3 just write a comment with your link C:

Have an amazing day!

lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

Weekend with pretty people~


Ahh... I'm so happy because I spent the best-weekend-ever, meeting some awesome people, ones for the first time, and others that I haven't seen in years.

On Thursday I met Pica Pau Yan, for some job related things. She's a lovely person and an amazing crafter, and she's super fun and interesting :3 We spoke about some cute plans to conquer the universe while my kids ate ice cream and played air hockey (and spent some money on mechanic games and such xD). I'm very happy to have been able to meet her, and I'm so looking forward to work with her *3*

Then, on Friday, I met Miki from Miki's Scrapbook because I had to give her the price she won on the giveaway I made last year (that looks like so long ago xD). We wanted to meet at a super cute place called "Felicidad" but it was closed for remodelations so we walked a little until we found a cool place to drink some cofee C: (speaking of cofee, I want to drink some. Be right back....... ok xD). The place is called "Chicha" and as Miki said on her post, it's nowhere as cute as Felicidad, but we just wanted to drink cofee and laugh and chat, so it was awesome :3


Miki chan :3
Me and blogger extraordinaire, Miki
We wanted to take a picture of that amazing chandelier :3 I kinda failed xD but the picture is ok.
I love this picture! This mirror is over an amazing wall decall.
Miki gave me one of the cute bags she made and showed on her post here. I'm so honoured ;_;!

Miki is moving to California next month, but I hope to keep in touch with her, trade mail and hopefully, meet her again on EEUU or here :3 Btw, she posted something about our meeting here. Thanks a lot Miki! *hugs*   

And finally, I went to see my friend for ages, Karen. We met seven years ago, when I used to be a member of an argentinian forum called "Harry Argentino". (Yeah, I'm a Harry Potter fan :3 deal with it  xD). The thing is, we've been friends for ages, but she lives in Peru, and though she comes to Argentina once every two or three years we were only able to meet personally once at the bus station, one of the days she was leaving to Peru (I was pregnant, and I wanted to eat fries on a cone, so she walked aaaall over the station with me trying to find some place to buy it xD). Well, this time we spent some quality time :3 because she stayed in my house for two days. I couldn't be happier ;_; We made a lot of things together! I laughed a lot because she was SUPER excited for lot of things like the subway (espacially the subway lol), the city, the shoppings, my kids, Poupee Girl (omg, you wouldn't believe it, she's such a fan now xD) sushi, practically everything xD
Me and Jade <3 (Sorry for the blurry picture xD)

Haha, we're awesome, aren't we?

She gave me this Clamp artbook full of old works from my favourite mangakas in the whole world *hearts*

And we both bought this little box of cute rubbers so we can have the same thing (haha, how cheesy is that<3)

Even though she hates Starbucks, I took her there xD This are our drinks :3

I took this last three pictures the day she left ;_; I'm gonna miss her like freaking hell >___< I'm missing her already ;_;

So, this week I'm gonna be busy working my ass off xDD So I'm really excited! 

I hope you have a wonderful week!

viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

Etsy cute finds: Shizuka Urusai

I've been wanting to make an Etsy Cute Finds section for months, and finally I'll start today :3
The first shop I'll feature in this section will be the oh-my-god-so-lovely-I-could-die Shizuka Urusai. And I'll admit that I have a thing for pouches. There. I said it.

Shizuka Urusai has some of the loveliest zipper pouches ever!

So, step by and have a look, you'll sure love what she's selling :3
And if you feel like reading, she also has a blog:

Have a wonderful day!

jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Blogs I ♥: Aunty Cookie

I was goofing around some blogs because I haven't cach up with "goofing-around-some-blogs procrastination time" in... days xD and I found this freacking awesome and worth-a-read blog. I present thee, Aunt Cookie.

Aunty Cookie is a little brand created by Shannon Lamden.
She plays with it when she’s not being a total design genius or crafting like a madwoman or pretending to mother. Take your shoes off, loiter about. You’ll like something. Or maybe not. No pressure. Your choice…

Haha, I felt touched by the "pretending to mother" part, I must confess, but OMG, you have to check her out, for God' sake, she's amazing and incredibly funny.

I hope I have been convincent enough xD

Have a nice day!

miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011

My Modes4U giveaway prizes~

I'm starting to get addicted to receive packages xD

Yesterday I got the Modes4U giveaway prize I won via CutesyPoo's blog :3 and I must say I'm so-freaking-HAPPEY. Today I took pictures of all the goodies and I'll make a little review on them. I'll try to be not-so-hyper about it. Ok, I'm lying.

Ah... people who knows me knows how much I love girly-cute-kawaii stuff, and this prize couldn't be more girly, cute and kawaii ;_; did I say that I'm happy? Oh, because I am xD

Anyway, I know you don't give a heck about me being hyper about this, and want to see the goodies, right? ¬_¬...... xD ok! Here they are:

Deco tapes: I got 11 of this cute deco tapes ;_; I plan to stick them all over my packages xD They're super cute! I like them all, but my favourite is the pink dots over black background :3. You can get lots of differents designs here

Bentu box: I took a picture of it closed, and other opened, so you can see how much food you can put in there. A lot. I won't use it to put food in it, but I'll fill it with all my crafty thingies. Yey for bentou boxes! More of this cuties here

Swimmer face towel: Ahhh the softnessss and the cuteness ~~~ all in this little soft square. Lovely. I'm not sure if you can find it online though ;_;

Christmas stamp: This stamp is huge ;_; I totally wasn't expecting it to bee so freaking gorgeous. I'm just so sorry I got this after Christmas. If I had received it before I would have even stamped my face with it xDD No, but really, it's just too gorgeous. I'll keep it as it is until next Christmas and I'll take pictures with my stamped face. I promise. More stamps here :3

Japanese fabric buttons: I took two pictures of them so you can see a more detailed look of this buttons. They are absolutelly fantastic! More buttons here

I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Modes4U because they always holds awesome giveaways, and to CutesyPoo too :3

I hope you liked this mini review on this lovely items from this absolutely gorgeous shop. I'm sure I'm gonna be shopping soon there too because this things are so addictive xD

Don't forget to visit Modes4U blog and shop, because they're always holding various giveaways in different blogs, so keep an eye on them!

Have an awesome day!


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