martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

Modes4u giveaway on cutesypoo blog

Modes4u is offering a giveaway on cutesypoo's blog~!

Some of the goodies you can win:

For more information about the prizes and how to enter, go to cutesypoo's blog

And talking about giveaways, mine ends today! I'll post the list of entries tonight and tomorrow I'll draw the winner~~ Have you entered yet?  

I'll see you tomorrow!

sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

I ♥ blogs: Miki's Scrapbook

I ♥blogs is back~~~
And this time I bring a lovely lady, you might know her because she's always around leaving lovely comments on this blog. Meet Miki ♥

I met her some time ago when I posted my first "I ♥ blogs" post about Milk Overdose, and she left a comment on that post. When I went to check out her blog, I found out that she lives (by now, because she's getting married soon!) in Buenos Aires, and we have a lot of things in common (I must say I felt touched when she named the Wipe magazines haha) and we started to comment each other a lot :3 She's super coooooool, and I would totally love to find some of those things she leaves for strangers in random places ♥

Check out her blog, her beautiful pictures, her fun findings, interesting posts and much more! And leave some lovely comment, she'll sure reply back because she always has cute words to give ^^


Have a nice day!

viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Black Friday on ChocoPop!

Haha, I remember when I got all ashamed about self promotion xD 

Sorry for being a bad blogger again, but I've been so-freaking-busy this days. And the heat! The heat is killing meeee *cries*
But I'm not here to complain, because Black Friday is here and I have a nice announcement: I'll be offering 20% off ON ANY ITEM on my shop!  You just have to type the code CPBLACKFRIDAY10 at checkout ^^

This discount will be up until Monday, so hurry up to get your orders~~~!

Oh, look! But I'm not here only to spam you with oh-so-wonderful promotions!
Haha, anywaaay. Yesterday I went to buy some fabric for the little graduate hats I have to make for the amigurumi souvenirs, and they didn't had the fabric I wanted :C buuut! what they DID have was this lovely ones! I don't know what I'll do with them :3 I'll probably use them as linings, but who knows! There where another motifs (Hello Kitty and Doraemon included), but I choose this two because... they're so freaking cute ;_;

 I thought this one's stamp was of porcupines xD but when I looked at it after I bought it I realized... they where a goat and a sheep ;_; haha, they're ultra cute anyway, so it doesn't matter xD 
This bunny is so-cute. I have a bunny obsession, I know xD

I hope to get some sales this weekend >_< I spent the money I had in some Christmas gifts for my kids and hubby xDD omg, I couldn't help it, I know they'll be zzzuper happy when they unwrap those things <3

And this is all by now. I have another post planned for today, but I must finish it xD So maybe you'll see me around again today :3

Have a super nice day!

miércoles, 17 de noviembre de 2010

Now and then

I can't remember when was the last time someone tagged me, but anyway, I love to do this kind of things :3 This time the ultra super lovely Miki did it~  I had lots of fun and nostalgia attacks xD but I loved it. Thank you Miki!

1.- Favorite cartoon

Child: Carebears, My Little Ponny, Strawberry Shortcake
Teenager: Evangelion, Card Captor Sakura, The PowerPuff Girls, Southpark
Adult: Chowder, Fairy Oddparents

2.- Favorite Show

Child: El Show de Xuxa (OMGWTFBBQ XD)
Teenager: That 70's Show, Will & Grace, Daria
Adult: The Big Bang Theory

3.- Favorite movie

Child: I loved weird class-b-with-awful-special-effect movies like Scanners, because we used to watch it with my dad, and we were so-freaking-amused by those xDDD
Teenager: Trainspotting (haha, Miki, we have something else in common <3), Toy Story, and there was a special one I can't remember now...
Adult: V for Vendetta, Matrix and a long etcetera

4.- Favorite music

Child: Roxette, Ace of Base, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi
Teenager: Nirvana, Bush, Soundgarden, Offspring, Korn, Orgy, Limp Bizkit, Megadeth etc, etc, etc.
Adult: the Gazette, DELUHI, lynch., Sel'm, -OZ- and a lot of japanese visual kei bands I adore. I listen some occidental music from time to time though: Slipknot, Korn, Avenged Sevenfold (lately), some Muse, Placebo yada yada yada.

5.- Favorite magazine 

Child: Billiken
Teenager: Rolling Stone
Adult: Mmmmm... I don't read magazines. I read blogs xD

6.- Your hero

Child: Hmm... I can't remember if I had one
Teenager: Kurt Cobain (?
Adult: Hm... any non-Japanese who can speak japanese fluently and who hasn't lived in Japan xD Nah, just kidding. I don't know what to answer here~ But I get inspired by passionate people who works hard to make their dreams come true <3

Ok, I'll tag some people xD

- Ariana (I don't know if you can make the adult part yet, you're too young *pokes* xD)
- Asmoix
- Ann


lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

Ultra Cute Giveaway @ Sparkles and Glitter!! LAST DAY TO ENTER!!

Hey everyone! Giveaway alert!!!

Check out this absolute lovely blog and hurry up to enter this giveaway!!

There are some lovely prices I'm sure you'll want to win! Hurry up! It ends tonight!

(And please ignore the Matrix quote xDDD)

sábado, 13 de noviembre de 2010

An army of little bears

Hey~~~ How you've been doing?

First of all, I want to say thank you to all the people who is participating on the giveaway~ You've made me so happy!!!  Now, to the topic in question xD

Kids are finishing their scholar term, and next year my youngest son will start Primary school (;_; kids grow up so fast  >_< my oldest son will start 4th grade), so all the mothers will throw a party for the kids ^^ I said I'll take care of the souvenirs, so now I have to make 35 little critterz <3

Girls will be receiving bears, and boys, octopuses. I started to make some, and the deadline is on December 10th (the party is on 15th, but obviously I want to finish sooner because I'm responsible and all that xD). So, here's a sample of the little bears :3 they are super tiny (about 8 cm -3,1 inches), but the perfect size for a souvenir :3

What do you think? I'll sell this on Etsy too, but I'm on a countdown to finish the whole bunch in time, and to also have time to make stuff for this Holidays  >_<

I'll show you the octopuses when I have some done ^^

Have a nice day~!

jueves, 11 de noviembre de 2010

My first giveaway

As I said in this post, I'll be making a giveway. I've decided what the prices will be, and I've been organizing everything into place ^^ I hope you like the goodies!

What you can win:

1 Cookie keychain
1 Pencil bunny
1 Ice cream cellphone charm
1 Heart brooch


The giveaway will take place from November 11th till November 30th. I'll announce the winer on December 1st . The winer will be decided via Random

How to enter:

♔ Follow this blog.
♔ Comment on this entry telling me what is your favourite item on my etsy shop. Link ->
♔ Please add a name and a contact mail so I can contact you if you win~

Extra entries:

There are several ways to get extra entries ^^:

♔ Become a fan of ChocoPop on Facebook (Link: ). Leave a comment here giving me your FB name and I'll add your entry (do the same if you're already a fan). (1 EXTRA ENTRY)
♔ Follow me on Twitter (Link:!/choco_popsicle ) and tweet about the giveaway. If you do so please leave a comment with a link to the tweet. (2 EXTRA ENTRIES)
♔ Write a post about this giveaway on your blog. If you do so please leave a comment with a link to the post. (3 EXTRA ENTRIES)

I'm waiting for your entry!
Have a nice day ^^

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010


Some weeks ago Tranifer and I decided to make a trade :3 So I asked her for a pirate bunny (you can see it here ) and she asked me for a pink dinosaur. Yes, we like pink, thanks for noticing it xD
Aaaaannn, I finished this guy/gurl some days ago but I didn't have time to post it on Etsy or anywhere ;_; but here it is!!! Innnntroducing the lovely and charming PINKOSAUR!
Did you know Pinkosaurs like to read? No? Shame on you, they LOVE it. This one took my Deathly Hallows book and started to read it.
Well... kinda, he/she is still learning to read, but don't tell anyone, ok? 

It will be hard to say goodbye to this little one, but I know he/she will be in good and lovely hands ^^

Have a nice day!

domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

Artist Magnifique: Seniorita Polyester

Because argentinian artist are awesome like that.

Seniorita Polyester is an argentinian artist who draws, knits, cooks and many things more~ who is currently living in Costa Rica.
I don't know many things about her except that she's an awesome and super talented illustrator. And that she's vegan.
I'm finding it difficult to say what I like the most about her work because there are a lot of things I love about her drawings. The mixture of colors, the texture and vintage look she gives to them, the mixture of naif and dark, and a little bit of sadness too. I really think her work is amazing.
But anyway, here's some eyecandy.

I met her work with this illustration, published on an argentinian magazine called "Petites" 

Two weeks ago she said on twitter that she had 1999 likes on Facebook, so she would be sending pins and stickers as a gift for the number 2000. So I went to her FB page and guess what? I became her 2000 fan :3 And yesterday I received the goodies~

I loved everything, specially the card with the girl with the water window. As soon as I get a nice workspace I'll be sticking everything everywhere <3 Thank you Miss~!
Here are some of her linkies, go show her some love!:
Etsy shop

I hope you like her as much as I do!

Have a nice day~

viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Little alert!

You know, I think crafting is about LOVE. And giveaways are love!

I'm not sure you know about this, but I've been wanting to make a giveaway for aaages now (now that I think about it, I said that on twitter the other day xD). Well, not AGES, but since I opened my Etsy shop xD

So, STAY TUNED AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS, because as soon as I can organize all my mess (I expect to do so next week), I'll see what can I give for free to all you lovely readers ^^

Do you have any ideas, would you like something specific? Let me know, and I'll see what I can do :3

Have a zzzzzuper nice day!

My first sale on Etsy

Hello everyone~! How you've been doing?
I've been busy >_< but I have awesome news: I made my first sale on Etsy!!
You can't imagine how happy I am. When I received the mail for the transaction I was in bed with fever and with a crappy internet conection (in fact, I still am), but all feverish and sick (and did I say happy already? because I was) I started to crochet a little reindeer for a british customer <3

I made EVERYTHING: the box*, the gift tag and the thank you card xD everything was handmade by me. I sent him an amigurumi ice cream keychain because I made a promotion for the first 10 customers who buy an amigurumi doll ^^

So, after all the preparation (it took me a lot to finish everything xD I'm such a freak ~_~) I went to Correo Argentino (Argentina's oficial mailing office) and sent the little package via certificated mail. It was all so fast and easy! I hope it arrives safe and soon ^^

*The box was a pain in the a**ss xD but it ended up as I wanted :3 I'll post the pattern someday, I promise.

Have a nice day!
Hugs <3


I just made my second sale!!! And it is a reindeer again :3 this time to the United States. I'm SO.FREACKING.HAPPEY o3o *runs to work*


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