viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010

Merry Christmas~!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!
I want to thank you for reading always, for your lovely and warm comments, for being there, for your kind words, you're all awesome, really!!!
So, you know, give your loved ones a massive hug and have a wonderful day!
Merry Christmas~!!!

miércoles, 22 de diciembre de 2010

I ♥ blogs: Liefgeval

I love blogs is back!! Aaaand this time I bring an OH-SO-FREAKING-CUTE blog. Seriously, this blog it's so cute and sweet it will make you HIPER. Nikki is such a cutie~~~ *hearts every-freaking-where*

 "Hello :)
You've reached the blog of a dreamy 24 year old girl named Nikki. I live in the Netherlands, where people call me 'Liefgeval' which means 'sweet thing'. I use this blog to register the things I love, like, make, find, collect, do and much more. Thank you so much for visiting and don't be afraid to take a look around :)."

Daaah. I ♥ this blog.
Visit her and show her some love~!!

Have a nice day~ :3

Cute Christmas Decoration

We are getting closer to that special time of the year~ only 3 days left! *anxious*
This time I bring you some cute Christmas decorations.

tiny christmas tree

christmas wreath 2009

Christmas stocking pink

Coco Stitch has some extremely lovely Christmas stockings (and purses and lots of cute stuff) *swoons*

And if you're in the mood to make something cute, here you have two Kirigami Stars video tutorials (five points and six points) Via

My kids are super anxious ^^ they sort of give meaning to my Christmas. I mean, I like Christmas, but they make it super extra special *hearts everywhere*
And, as a plus, Snowflakes Online ~! I might try some this year~~ I know a little person who promise me she would make a snowflake for my Christmas Tree, but hm... she never did *pokes Asmoix*

Hehe. I mean hoho xD
Have a wonderful day~!

jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

Cute Christmas: Tree Ornaments

Hello there~!
I just woke up, and I want to make a decent post, but my head is not functioning very fast right now xD so I'll make it short :3

That time of the year is coming, right? I'll try to start a Cute Christmas series featuring the cutest christmas related stuff I can find. 
Today I'll start with tree ornaments~!

Christmas themed tree ornaments 

Cupcake ornaments 

Deery Lou  and mushroom ornaments 

Handmade felt ornaments 

Cute christmas sewing pattern

DIY Ideas

by Warmth 
via Etsy

Golden Wings Angel Moon Bun

by rosecottageboutique

Aaand~~~ some self promotion xD

Some of this ornaments are not available for purchasing anymore, but I think they are inspiring anyway, right?

Ok, before I go, I want to thank every follower who reads this blog, I feel so thankful everytime I find out that a new person is interested in what I write here C: hehe ok, I'll go now *runs*

Have a super wonderful day!

Tagged: Four

My dear Miki has tagged me :3 I like memes xD

1) 4 shows you watch
1. The Big Bang Theory
2. Scrubs
3. Saturday Night Live
4. Project Runway

2) 4 things you are passionate about
1. My husband and my kids
2. Making things with my own hands
3. Music
4. Japan

3) 4 phrases you say a lot
1. "I miss you" (because I miss a lot of people u.u)
2. "Scheiße" (it means "shit!" in German) (I learnt it from Asuka from Evangelion) (yes, I'm kinda otakuish)
3. "Aww"
4. "Chicos, DEJEN DE PELEARSE" ("Boys, STOP FIGHTING"). You know, kids xD

4) 4 things you've learned from the past
1. Everything happens for a reason.
2. Things eventually end well. Maybe not exactly as you expected, but if you believe they will end well, they will.
3. Hard work will always show you its benefits.
4. I'm a irremediable procrastinator and I always leave things for the last moment ~_~ Unnavoidable fact.

5) 4 places you would like to go
1. Tokyo, Japan
2. Bariloche, Argentina
3. Finland
4. England

6) 4 things you did yesterday
1. Read a little bit of "One thousand cranes" by Yasunari Kawabata
2. Watched Project Runway. Some random episode with Christina Aguilera as special guest.
3. Wore a heart shaped clip on my hair. I felt a little bit decora, because I never use hair ornaments xD but I loved it.
4. Hugged Julie for the last time.

7) 4 things you are looking forward to
1. What next year will bring.
2. My 6 year old son's entrance to 1st grade.
3. My birthday xD
4. DELUHI's comeback *sighs*

8) 4 things you love about winter
I love everything about winter >_< it's my favourite season of the year.
1. Cuddle under my covers when I go to sleep, or when I'm on the computer or watching a movie.
2. Wear my laced boots (I use them in summer too, but people doesn't look me that weird if it's cold xD)
3. Drinking mate without feeling I'm melting
4. The remote possibility to see the snow again.

Tags: Tori, Rookie, Ann, Silmeriel

viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

Themed picspam: Workspaces

Don't you just LOVE when artists/crafters/whoever shows you and the world how their workspace looks? Well, I do.

My first workspace love was this one (if you know the owner of this workspace, please let me know, I don't know who she is ;_;) :

I find workspaces to be extremely inspiring. You can get some awesome ideas for storaging stuff and such. I like tidy and clean workspaces:

(I totally love that pinboard)

by Laced Candy
(and I love everything in this workspace ;_;)

by Lyndsay Duranceau

new studio!

And I LOVE crowded workspaces (I feel confortable in chaos, I must confess). If you are a crafter or an artist, you know that a proper workspace is messy most of the times xD it's not an excuse, I swear.

Painting new dolls

The Nonsense of my Desktop 2-19-09

I confess, I would love to have a studio someday :3
I promise that I'll show you my workspace, as soon as I get a cute, worth to share one :3

Do you have a workspace of your own or from others you would like to share? Please do!

Have a lovely day~

jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

What you learn

because sometimes I just feel kinda stupid ~_~

Some days ago I received a convo on Etsy saying this:

I love your products, im doing a facebook christmas giveaway and i was wondering if we could use one of your products to be the prize? 

The money rasied is going to a charity
let me know what you think :)
many thanks

I was totally glad to be able to help, so I convo her back saying that I would love to cooperate, and she picked my chocochip cookie keychain as a prize. I told her to give me a giveaway link so I can help her promote. She didn't answer, but anyway.
Next day she contacted me again saying that the giveaway had ended, and that the winer was XXX, she gave me XXX's address, and asked me to let her know when I would send the keychain so she can tell XXX that I was going to.
My face: "O.O did I miss something?"

Well, no, she just sent me that message. No giveaway links, no personal information, no "what I'll do with the money". Nothing. So I told her that she hadn't give me any link, and that I don't have any information about her, the giveaway, or the place she's sending the money, that I have no problem donating an item, but that I felt weird with no information about anything. I was just expecting something like "oh, sorry >_< my name is Dalilah Random Perez, and this is my fb account, you can add me if you want! lalala" and nothing else. But no, she just said that she had placed a status on her FB page asking people to send her a private message saying how much money they wanted to donate... and nothing else, again.

I convo her back this morning saying I would send the keychain next Monday, because I will. And after thinking carefully about it the whole day I sent her another message some minutes ago rambling about how dissappointed I was. I don't know ~_~ I just feel kinda used. Maybe she'll convo me back again. But it's ok if she doesn't. I don't care.

I just know I learnt something today. It's better to see it that way than feeling incredibly stupid and be resentful for that.


If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading my boring ramblings, I just wanted to spit that out >_< I'll come with something happier tomorrow, I promise. And if it serves for something, I feel a lot better now ^^

Have a nice day!

miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010

And the winner is...~

The giveaway has ended yesterday, with a total of 67 entries:

1. Miki
2. WonkyIffy
3. WonkyIffy
4. WonkyIffy
5. WonkyIffy
6. iamchibee
7. c.boneham
8. c.boneham
9. Kairi
10. Kairi
11. Kairi
12. Kairi
13. Kairi
14. Jessie
15. Frankie
16. Frankie
17. Jessie
18. Jessie
19. Jessie
20. aquariann
21. aquariann
22. aquariann
23. aquarian
24. va
25. charmily
26. icitea
27. marija
28. wonkyiffy
29. wonkyiffy
30. wonkyiffy
31. liz, love
32. kim
33. sanna
34. liz
35. liz
36. liz
37. liz
38. liz
39. liz
40. liz
41. Jessica
42. Jessica
43. Jessica
44. Jessica
45. Jessie
46. Andreanna
47. Andreanna
48. Andreanna
49. Andreanna
50. Tori
51. Susanmeep
52. lolo
53. lolo
54. lolo
55. lolo
56. Grace Wong
57. Grace Wong
58. Grace Wong
59. Grace Wong
60. Grace Wong
61. Grace Wong
62. Grace Wong
63. Karen G
64. Silmeriel
65. Silmeriel
66. Silmeriel
67. Silmeriel

And the winner is....
*throws confetti*

It felt weird because you expect more suspense when you click the button xD but anyway. Next time I'll write the names of the participants on paper and draw it myself :3 maybe with video and stuff xD so you can see my face (or not hoho).

Congratulations Miki! 

I was surprised to see so many different choices of your favorites amongst my items, it felt awesome to see that everyone likes my stuff so much >_<
I'm planning a new giveaway very soon :3 so stay tuned!! And thank you all again for participate on my first giveaway ♥♥♥♥♥ you're all so lovely :3


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