sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

Latest items @ my shop~

How's everyone been doing? To tell you the truth, my week has been pretty bleh in a lot of aspects. So I'm looking forward to this new week to start some new projects and fill my store with new items.

Are you planning something for this Halloween? Right now I'm working on a little pumpkin set ^^ I hope to finish it soon so I can show it to you~

So, this are my latest items on Etsy~

This are two cupcake keychains I made for an anime convention, I had a strawberry one, but a girl bought it :3 so I only have this two left. I'll make another strawberry cupcake soon too ^^

I got inspired in decora fashion to make this multicolored bear. If I was a decora girl I would take it anywhere xD Hm... I think his mother was a rainbow *thinks*

I have some pencils to post, but I need to take some other pictures than the ones I've got ^^ And a chocolate chip cookie phone charm. I must confess that I have a carve for sweet things. If you haven't noticed it yet xDD

I'm not down about the fact that I haven't sell anything on Etsy yet, but obviously I'm not happy at all with it. I knew this would take some time to get moving, but sometimes I get a little... hmm... worried about it. I hope this Holiday Boot Camp helps me with that ^^

Have a super duper nice day (or night, or whatever xD)~

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