jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010


wtf, for some reason I thought yesterday was Friday o.o
Hello everyone~
I've wanted to make a little wishlist for ages, been collecting pictures of stuff I want in folders and I decided it was a good moment to start now.
This are SOME of the things I want. I will always add things to the list because the world is full of cute and lovely and awesome stuff, but well, it's a beggining xD

1. Speedball linoleum cuters: I love handmade rubber stamps. I think they are some of the cutest things on earth. Therefore, I've been wanting to make rubber stamps and actually tried some, but my stamps would be MILLIONS times better if I had this linoleum cuters from Speedball. And I didn't add the image, but a carving block would be awesome too. I must limit my stamps to rubber-size because I couldn't find any store that sells carving blocks ~_~
2. Photo tent kit: I know, you can make a lightbox with a cardboard box, but c'mon, you would love to have one of this. I know I would! It comes with a tripod for your camera and two lamps and it's-just-perfect.
3. Fijifilm instant camera: Two words: Instant-Camera. There's not much more to say ;_;
4. Momiji dolls: I love kokeshi dolls, and Momiji makes... well, uber cute kokeshi inspired dolls. This are totally adorable! And the perfect decoration for the next item on my list...
5. EXPEDIT Desk: I've been wanting a new workspace for years, and this desk is so-perfect ;_; I found this on IKEA.

Well, wishlists are addictive xD That's all for today~ !

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