miércoles, 22 de diciembre de 2010

I ♥ blogs: Liefgeval

I love blogs is back!! Aaaand this time I bring an OH-SO-FREAKING-CUTE blog. Seriously, this blog it's so cute and sweet it will make you HIPER. Nikki is such a cutie~~~ *hearts every-freaking-where*

 "Hello :)
You've reached the blog of a dreamy 24 year old girl named Nikki. I live in the Netherlands, where people call me 'Liefgeval' which means 'sweet thing'. I use this blog to register the things I love, like, make, find, collect, do and much more. Thank you so much for visiting and don't be afraid to take a look around :)."

Daaah. I ♥ this blog.
Visit her and show her some love~!!

Have a nice day~ :3

2 comentarios:

  1. I'm so going t check this one! I love that dress :).

    Hope you have a merry Christmas together with your loved omes!

  2. love it!! que lindo blog..gracias por el dato!!
    Y Feliz Navidad para ti y tu familia..
    un abrazoooooooooooooo =)



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