jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

What you learn

because sometimes I just feel kinda stupid ~_~

Some days ago I received a convo on Etsy saying this:

I love your products, im doing a facebook christmas giveaway and i was wondering if we could use one of your products to be the prize? 

The money rasied is going to a charity
let me know what you think :)
many thanks

I was totally glad to be able to help, so I convo her back saying that I would love to cooperate, and she picked my chocochip cookie keychain as a prize. I told her to give me a giveaway link so I can help her promote. She didn't answer, but anyway.
Next day she contacted me again saying that the giveaway had ended, and that the winer was XXX, she gave me XXX's address, and asked me to let her know when I would send the keychain so she can tell XXX that I was going to.
My face: "O.O did I miss something?"

Well, no, she just sent me that message. No giveaway links, no personal information, no "what I'll do with the money". Nothing. So I told her that she hadn't give me any link, and that I don't have any information about her, the giveaway, or the place she's sending the money, that I have no problem donating an item, but that I felt weird with no information about anything. I was just expecting something like "oh, sorry >_< my name is Dalilah Random Perez, and this is my fb account, you can add me if you want! lalala" and nothing else. But no, she just said that she had placed a status on her FB page asking people to send her a private message saying how much money they wanted to donate... and nothing else, again.

I convo her back this morning saying I would send the keychain next Monday, because I will. And after thinking carefully about it the whole day I sent her another message some minutes ago rambling about how dissappointed I was. I don't know ~_~ I just feel kinda used. Maybe she'll convo me back again. But it's ok if she doesn't. I don't care.

I just know I learnt something today. It's better to see it that way than feeling incredibly stupid and be resentful for that.


If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading my boring ramblings, I just wanted to spit that out >_< I'll come with something happier tomorrow, I promise. And if it serves for something, I feel a lot better now ^^

Have a nice day!

6 comentarios:

  1. I completely understand, I would feel the same way you do!

  2. Eso fue muy poco profesional de su parte, que poco compromiso! hmph (?)

  3. That is very wrong that she did that . Basically she scammed you to get a free item from your shop . I am sorry you had to go through it and hope it doesn't happen to you again .

    Have a good day !

  4. Oh, no!!! That was just a rip-off! I wouldn't send the item at all. How frustrating! People make me angry, grrr!

  5. It's ok, I'll send the keychain anyway. I said I would and I will. Anyway, it won't cost much money. I'll just take the two good things on this whole situation: me not falling again in the "yeees, I'll give you whatever you want, tell me where to sign, ok, thanks!" thing, and you caring about me. It means a lot to me, really >3<

    I don't want you to worry about this girls >3< I know I won't! Thank you all for your comments ;_; *hugs them all until they explode*

    Hehe, sorry :3



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