domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Artist Magnifique: Rebecca Dautremer

Ahh... it's raining this morning, and I woke up super late ;___; I LOVE rainy days, but waking up late super sucks -.-

Anyway, I've been wanting to post about Rebecca Dautremer for some time because I'm in love with her work. I met her books on a toy shop and since I saw them I got obsessed about having at least one of those books holding her illustrations. I'm lucky enough to have her "Princesas olvidadas o desconocidas" (The Princesses book), a book she made in collaboration with Philippe Lechermeier, and I must say, though the version I have is the mini sized one, Rebecca's illustrations looks so shockingly beautiful...

I chose some of my favourite illustrations to show you some of her work here.But if you ever come to find some of her books, open it and I can assure you, she'll amaze you even more.

Princess Amnesia (from the "The Princesses book")
Princess Deletrea from Eritrea (from the "The Princesses book")
Princesa de la Selva (from the "The Princesses book")
Princess Sapina (from the "The Princesses book")
Princess Tremenduskah (from the "The Princesses book")
From "Cyrano"
From "Cyrano"
One of the things I love the most about Rebecca's books is the poetry in them. You can find some humorous rhimes, melancholic words, details that makes you sink into her world and never want to get out.

Check her website, there are some more of her amazing and charming work. I've seen some things that made me love her even more xD (note: check her Spiderman and Batman versions, it's completely worth it!)

Have a nice day!

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  1. There's something magical about her work; I like it! Thanks for sharing ;).

  2. You can find a set with a calendar, some prints and the little book of the princesses in bookstores like El Ateneo. And you can find other works from her like Babayaga, Cyrano and some other great stuff totally worth having ^^



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