lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

New items in my Etsy shop ♥

I haven't posted a new item on my etsy shop for weeks! It was about time to post some stuff X) Anyway, there have been some things I haven't posted here either, so I'l do it now :3

This cookie set is too cute~! I had lots of fun doing them (curiously, cookies are the most fun thing to do for me xD). I also made an Oreo and a chocolate chip cookie set. I took some sets to an anime convention last week, and surprisingly they
where a hit, I almost sold them all.

Well, my mother in law asked me to make some souvenirs for her sister's newborn grandson, so I thought it would be cute to make some baby blue pacifiers. I'm planning to make them in pink too, what do you think?

I love bunnies, I think you've already noted it, right? I was dying to make a bunny pencil case :3 This one took me a lot to make, but I like the result, the union with the lining looks pretty neat ^^ and it has a little carrot on the zipper, to make it more bunnier C:

And the last item posted on my shop, my chocolate chip cookie keychain ^^ I've seen a lot of cookies around, so maybe this one is not exactly original, but still, I think it's cute, and it smells like chocolate :3

I'm feeling kind of hungry after all this sweet stuff xDD

I'll do my best to post more things this week, I've been taking pictures, but some of them didn't turn out as I wanted to, so I'll keep trying ^^

Have a nice day~

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