viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

A bunch of treasuries~

As I have entered the Etsy Latino Team, I've been done and been featured on a lot of lovely treasuries from the team's gurlz. Here's a list of them, because they all deserve a spot on my bloggie ♥

"a night with the little ones! but afterwards for me and my hubby" by 12anglesart 

"Purple puddings" by moonandlion 

"Cuties" by Chapulin

"I want this HOT orange!!!" by prendasbyenid

"Little Treasures......BIG TREASURES!! ...." by GypsyTailor

And this are the ones I did for the team, featuring 100% etsy team items

Pink & Sparkle
Akai (red)

And finally, a random teal-inspired treasury made by me :3
Tealiciously Cute

Wow, it was a bunch right? 
I hope to post something else today or tomorrow, sorry for not posting in days ;_; 

Have a zuper duper nice day~!

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