viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

My first sale on Etsy

Hello everyone~! How you've been doing?
I've been busy >_< but I have awesome news: I made my first sale on Etsy!!
You can't imagine how happy I am. When I received the mail for the transaction I was in bed with fever and with a crappy internet conection (in fact, I still am), but all feverish and sick (and did I say happy already? because I was) I started to crochet a little reindeer for a british customer <3

I made EVERYTHING: the box*, the gift tag and the thank you card xD everything was handmade by me. I sent him an amigurumi ice cream keychain because I made a promotion for the first 10 customers who buy an amigurumi doll ^^

So, after all the preparation (it took me a lot to finish everything xD I'm such a freak ~_~) I went to Correo Argentino (Argentina's oficial mailing office) and sent the little package via certificated mail. It was all so fast and easy! I hope it arrives safe and soon ^^

*The box was a pain in the a**ss xD but it ended up as I wanted :3 I'll post the pattern someday, I promise.

Have a nice day!
Hugs <3


I just made my second sale!!! And it is a reindeer again :3 this time to the United States. I'm SO.FREACKING.HAPPEY o3o *runs to work*

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  1. That is great!! Your creatures are adorable ^_^ and I love the care you put into the packaging.
    Here's to many more sales!!

  2. Congrats! Hope you keep selling lots of them! :) They're beautiful and so is the packaging.

    Do you know what? You can send your packages on the normal (the cheapest) fee. They'll get their destination within the same time frames. I always send packages to Japan, the USA and Europe and they get them within 10 days. As long as it's a "reliable" country. It's a whole different story when people send things from abroad to this country ...

    Hope you're feeling better!

  3. @Piktoland Thank you so much ;_; Haha, the packaging made me crazy xD but I think it was worth it, I made it with love :3 I just saw you live in London >_< my first package went there!

    @Miki I'll totally take your advice and change the shipping prices, and maybe give more options if the customer wants it certificated or things like that. I know what you mean by "when people send things from abroad to this country" -.- Aduana always retains packages and makes you pay half the price you paid for what was sent -.- su$#&&/$&ckers, even if it was a gift. LAME COUNTRY IS LAME.

  4. @Asmoix ;_; no seas asi que me pongo toda ;____; osh. Gracias. Te quiero >3<

  5. Thank you for visited my blog ! Congratulations on the first sale !!! Oh so lovely reindeer... U´・ ᴥ ・`U 〜 ♥

  6. So proud of you ^.^
    He is beyond cute, as is the packaging! WOW! Holy lots of effort! But that will definitely pay off in the long run and lead to more sales, I'm sure.

  7. Haha, you know, I made the box again for this second sale and it was ten times easier! The first one I have to adjust the parttern a lots of time, but now that it's already done, is easier, yup.
    I hope the customer likes it :3



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