jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

Cute Christmas: Tree Ornaments

Hello there~!
I just woke up, and I want to make a decent post, but my head is not functioning very fast right now xD so I'll make it short :3

That time of the year is coming, right? I'll try to start a Cute Christmas series featuring the cutest christmas related stuff I can find. 
Today I'll start with tree ornaments~!

Christmas themed tree ornaments 

Cupcake ornaments 

Deery Lou  and mushroom ornaments 

Handmade felt ornaments 

Cute christmas sewing pattern

DIY Ideas

by Warmth 
via Etsy

Golden Wings Angel Moon Bun

by rosecottageboutique

Aaand~~~ some self promotion xD

Some of this ornaments are not available for purchasing anymore, but I think they are inspiring anyway, right?

Ok, before I go, I want to thank every follower who reads this blog, I feel so thankful everytime I find out that a new person is interested in what I write here C: hehe ok, I'll go now *runs*

Have a super wonderful day!

3 comentarios:

  1. Those are all so adorable and sweet. The Good Housekeeping ornament inspired me! I'm going to try and make one like that.

  2. I know! I felt tempted to make some too, but it was a little late. I'll make some ornaments for the upcoming holidays probably.

    Thank you for your comment!

  3. Nice ones.. I would love to invite you to see my blogs and Xmas tree decorations too!



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