jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

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My dear Miki has tagged me :3 I like memes xD

1) 4 shows you watch
1. The Big Bang Theory
2. Scrubs
3. Saturday Night Live
4. Project Runway

2) 4 things you are passionate about
1. My husband and my kids
2. Making things with my own hands
3. Music
4. Japan

3) 4 phrases you say a lot
1. "I miss you" (because I miss a lot of people u.u)
2. "Scheiße" (it means "shit!" in German) (I learnt it from Asuka from Evangelion) (yes, I'm kinda otakuish)
3. "Aww"
4. "Chicos, DEJEN DE PELEARSE" ("Boys, STOP FIGHTING"). You know, kids xD

4) 4 things you've learned from the past
1. Everything happens for a reason.
2. Things eventually end well. Maybe not exactly as you expected, but if you believe they will end well, they will.
3. Hard work will always show you its benefits.
4. I'm a irremediable procrastinator and I always leave things for the last moment ~_~ Unnavoidable fact.

5) 4 places you would like to go
1. Tokyo, Japan
2. Bariloche, Argentina
3. Finland
4. England

6) 4 things you did yesterday
1. Read a little bit of "One thousand cranes" by Yasunari Kawabata
2. Watched Project Runway. Some random episode with Christina Aguilera as special guest.
3. Wore a heart shaped clip on my hair. I felt a little bit decora, because I never use hair ornaments xD but I loved it.
4. Hugged Julie for the last time.

7) 4 things you are looking forward to
1. What next year will bring.
2. My 6 year old son's entrance to 1st grade.
3. My birthday xD
4. DELUHI's comeback *sighs*

8) 4 things you love about winter
I love everything about winter >_< it's my favourite season of the year.
1. Cuddle under my covers when I go to sleep, or when I'm on the computer or watching a movie.
2. Wear my laced boots (I use them in summer too, but people doesn't look me that weird if it's cold xD)
3. Drinking mate without feeling I'm melting
4. The remote possibility to see the snow again.

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  1. I totally agree with set number 4! Awe, "mate", qué delicia! It's been a while, dunno why, maybe because it's hot, hehe. "Chics, dejen de pelearse!" Haha. Do they fight a lot? I remember my sister and I couldn't get along when we were kids. As time passed by, our relationship changed, for the better, of course :).

    I used to wacth Scrubs, too. Love Zach Braff, but this last season is weird. By the way, if you like Zach Braff, too, please, please, watch "Garden State". He wrote, directed and starred the movie. Natalie Portman is the leading actress. Great movie and sountrack ;).

    Hug! :)

  2. BTW, tenemos algunas cosas en común y encontrarás que algunas de tus respuestas siguen ahí XD

  3. @Miki: I drink mate even on the hottest days, I don't care to melt xD And yes, my kids fight ALL DAY, FOR EVERY REASONS YOU CAN IMAGINE. My brother and I used to fight a lot too (I remember one of those times I kicked on his... you know. My mom almost kills me xD), but now we get along pretty well. My mom loves me the most anyway xDDDDDD
    I have the feeling I've seen that movie... but I don't know. Haha, Zack is super funny. And Natalie is LOVE.

    @Asmoix: que raro nosotras teniendo cosas en comun xDD

  4. No sé uds, pero yo quisiera ir a Finlandia por el clima, el paisaje, los baños termales y para ver si puedo aprender uno de los idiomas más jodidos del mundo. Si señoritas: el finlandés.
    Eso y porque SueciaxFinlandia de Hetalia es my OTP ♥

  5. Lo hice ...lo hice..lo hice... =)


    Gracias por el tag!!
    es primera vez que hago uno y me encanto!



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