miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011

My Modes4U giveaway prizes~

I'm starting to get addicted to receive packages xD

Yesterday I got the Modes4U giveaway prize I won via CutesyPoo's blog :3 and I must say I'm so-freaking-HAPPEY. Today I took pictures of all the goodies and I'll make a little review on them. I'll try to be not-so-hyper about it. Ok, I'm lying.

Ah... people who knows me knows how much I love girly-cute-kawaii stuff, and this prize couldn't be more girly, cute and kawaii ;_; did I say that I'm happy? Oh, because I am xD

Anyway, I know you don't give a heck about me being hyper about this, and want to see the goodies, right? ¬_¬...... xD ok! Here they are:

Deco tapes: I got 11 of this cute deco tapes ;_; I plan to stick them all over my packages xD They're super cute! I like them all, but my favourite is the pink dots over black background :3. You can get lots of differents designs here

Bentu box: I took a picture of it closed, and other opened, so you can see how much food you can put in there. A lot. I won't use it to put food in it, but I'll fill it with all my crafty thingies. Yey for bentou boxes! More of this cuties here

Swimmer face towel: Ahhh the softnessss and the cuteness ~~~ all in this little soft square. Lovely. I'm not sure if you can find it online though ;_;

Christmas stamp: This stamp is huge ;_; I totally wasn't expecting it to bee so freaking gorgeous. I'm just so sorry I got this after Christmas. If I had received it before I would have even stamped my face with it xDD No, but really, it's just too gorgeous. I'll keep it as it is until next Christmas and I'll take pictures with my stamped face. I promise. More stamps here :3

Japanese fabric buttons: I took two pictures of them so you can see a more detailed look of this buttons. They are absolutelly fantastic! More buttons here

I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Modes4U because they always holds awesome giveaways, and to CutesyPoo too :3

I hope you liked this mini review on this lovely items from this absolutely gorgeous shop. I'm sure I'm gonna be shopping soon there too because this things are so addictive xD

Don't forget to visit Modes4U blog and shop, because they're always holding various giveaways in different blogs, so keep an eye on them!

Have an awesome day!

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  1. Hey, cool new layout! ;) And awesome goodies you got in the mail! I've just sent you a new e-mail because I totally messed up the day in the first one, hehe, such a dork! I'm really happy we're meeting! :D


  2. Hehe, thanks! I just read your mail XD I was just about to mail you back xD
    I'm super happy too!

    *hugs back*

  3. Awww I want those thiiings! what do I have to do? I want some cuteness ;__;
    You finally got the bento you always wanted! yay X3

  4. I took a minute to read your feedback on Etsy, have you seen what people are saying about you? they absolutely adore you! ♥

  5. ;__; yees I did and I knoooww *cries* Receiving feedback is one of the most wonderful things EVER when you put so much effort on running a shop *hearts everywhere*

  6. I loved your new layout *-*
    Congrats for winning these lovely prizes!

  7. Hi,
    thank you soooo much for writing this lovely and funny review about our giveaway and our shop! Love your blog and the new design!
    I hope I will see you soon in our shop :-)
    Have a lovely day,
    Sandra from www.modes4u.com



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