jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Blogs I ♥: Aunty Cookie

I was goofing around some blogs because I haven't cach up with "goofing-around-some-blogs procrastination time" in... days xD and I found this freacking awesome and worth-a-read blog. I present thee, Aunt Cookie.

Aunty Cookie is a little brand created by Shannon Lamden.
She plays with it when she’s not being a total design genius or crafting like a madwoman or pretending to mother. Take your shoes off, loiter about. You’ll like something. Or maybe not. No pressure. Your choice…

Haha, I felt touched by the "pretending to mother" part, I must confess, but OMG, you have to check her out, for God' sake, she's amazing and incredibly funny.

I hope I have been convincent enough xD

Have a nice day!

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