sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

Oh HAI~!

お久しぶり(long time no see)!!! 
I've been busy this two weeks, and that's why I haven posted anything, sorry ;_; 
Well, nothing too much exciting occurred this two weeks I've been idle, but I've been working a lot in some stuff wich are not related to ChocoPopsicle. They're related to amigurumi, though, but not my designs (I don't want to be too specific about this ;_;). I found crocheting other's designs is very challenging, and made me appreciate more my own work. I'm kind of a perfectionist with what I do, but when I know the other person is a perfectionist too, it's freaking CRAZY (I even had to change the way I crochet, even when the person I'm working for told me it was not necessary xD) ;_; I was afraid of not doing my job properly... 
But anyway, I'm back into ChocoPop's world of yarn and soft little creatures and I've been working on a white bunny my mother asked me for :3 I have one of this on my shop, but this is a little bigger ^^ It's not finished yet, that's why you see that piece of yarn over there xD

Well, it was my birthday too, and I got a lot of presents and love from my family and friends ^^ I also got a special event on poupe (you know, that pro-procastination game I generally play), and I got a swan dress, because swans are special. Aw, and I dreamed with one of my favourite bands coming to Argentina!! It started to rain heavily on the afternoon, but my mother in law made barbecue anyway and got completely wet ;_; After the rain, I got a rainbow :3 and a beautiful sky.

So, I spent the best birthday ever ^^ I'm 28 now, btw xD

Now I have to take care of my shop and the teams I'm in, and start promoting again and work a lot because I'll be focusing a lot on the local scene, so there is so much to do!

So, what you've been up to this last weeks?

Have a super nice day!

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  1. Oh! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! :D I'm glad you had a great time! And yes, of course, I brought the Valentine bunnies you gave me! ;) They're right there on my bedside table and they have good company, as you might have seen, hehe.

    Everything's all right here, still trying to figure things out and waiting to get married :D.

    Super tight hug! Stay in touch! And have a great week!



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