domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

Cute resources: MiniTokoVille

Hi there~
Ahh, I thought it would be a nice idea to start a new section to spread the cute-resources-love, because there are so many awesome things out there, that the sharing spree is never enough xD (If you find I'm talking kinda weird it's because it's two in the morning. Yey.) (Ah, I just remembered I have to wake up in four hours xD. Yey again.)
Be it cute things to add to your blog, myspace page, scrapbooking stuff, home, life, or whatever I think it could help to make things prettier, I'll post it here. I'll probably add marketing stuff because things like this are resources too... I wonder if they will be cute xD I hope so.

So, this time it's MiniToko's turn.

You can find LOTS of digital goodies in MiniTokoVille, and believe me, there are the cutest thing you can ever add to your projects. I was about to say "scrapbooking projects" but you can really use them anywhere. I used some to make a catalog of my little amigurumi creatures and accesories, and you can embellish probably whatever comes to mind. So, be creative and play whit MiniToko's goodies! You can purchase her products, or you can put your hands onto some of her freebies (or both!), check them out, they're AWESOME.

So, Choco is out. Have a lovely day~!

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