viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

Etsy cute finds: Shizuka Urusai

I've been wanting to make an Etsy Cute Finds section for months, and finally I'll start today :3
The first shop I'll feature in this section will be the oh-my-god-so-lovely-I-could-die Shizuka Urusai. And I'll admit that I have a thing for pouches. There. I said it.

Shizuka Urusai has some of the loveliest zipper pouches ever!

So, step by and have a look, you'll sure love what she's selling :3
And if you feel like reading, she also has a blog:

Have a wonderful day!

2 comentarios:

  1. Hahaha, I use the word "urusai" A LOT! I love the puches :D.

    Hey, I really liked meeting you today! :D I had a wonderful time and I'm super thankful for the cute items you've given me! I told David about the bunnies; he thinks they're adorable :P. I've already posted some of the pics I took today ;).

    Nite, nite!

  2. Haha, urusai is such a fun world xD If I were japanese I would use it a lot with my kids xDD

    I had a wonderful time too! I'll write something about it right now xD




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