viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

A bunch of treasuries~

As I have entered the Etsy Latino Team, I've been done and been featured on a lot of lovely treasuries from the team's gurlz. Here's a list of them, because they all deserve a spot on my bloggie ♥

"a night with the little ones! but afterwards for me and my hubby" by 12anglesart 

"Purple puddings" by moonandlion 

"Cuties" by Chapulin

"I want this HOT orange!!!" by prendasbyenid

"Little Treasures......BIG TREASURES!! ...." by GypsyTailor

And this are the ones I did for the team, featuring 100% etsy team items

Pink & Sparkle
Akai (red)

And finally, a random teal-inspired treasury made by me :3
Tealiciously Cute

Wow, it was a bunch right? 
I hope to post something else today or tomorrow, sorry for not posting in days ;_; 

Have a zuper duper nice day~!

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

I trade handmade

Do you see that button on the bottom left? The one which says "I trade handmade"? Cute uh?
Well, I stumbled upon this lovely blog the other day thanks to Miki's Scrapbook and found out that there's something going on there.
This is what Ashley (from Under those Neon Lights) has to say about it:
What is "I Trade Handmade"?
Since I have gotten into blogging
and after joining the Etsy community,
I have discovered SO MANY AMAZING crafters and artists.

If we lived in a perfect world I would buy something from
every one of your amazing shops!

BUT, my bank account would definitely not agree with this,
and I am sure you feel the same way.

When Kathleen from Cherry Red Studio
bought something from my store a few weeks back,
I headed over to her blog and eventually found her Etsy.

I saw so many things that I would love to have,
and I of course bought a beautiful necklace


What did we accomplish?

of course we got the goods we wanted,
but nether of us really made money.
Essentially we just TRADED!


What if we all wanted to trade crafts?!

I think it would be so much fun if
everyone in our little blog/etsy community,
who is willing to trade their handmade lovelies
for OTHER treasures made by OTHER bloggers,
would add a button to there blog, stating

I absolutely loved the idea, so I sent Ashley a message, and now I'm in ^^
So, if you make handmade stuff and want to trade, join! I haven't trade anything yet, but I'm waiting to see what happens C:

Have a super duper nice day~!

viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Sumomo and the Strawberry Bowl

If you've ever read my incomplete 365 craft blog "A something a day", you've met Sumomo, my tiny amigurumi yellow bunny. Well, that blog didn't last long so if you haven't met her, she's Sumomo (yeah, she knows she's cute :3)
Today my mother in law bought today 2 kilos of strawberries. That's a lot of strawberies! So I prepared a bowl full of them, and when I turned around, I found myself with this. I catched her just in time!
And she kept looking at the strawberries. I didn't know, but apparently, she LOVES strawberries as much as I do ;_; (well, I can't blame her, strawberries are yummy).

 So, I had to give her one! I couldn't help it, she's too cute ;_;

Anyway, I ate strawberries today :3 Now I can eat them with wiped cream, or put them in a cake, or in a tasty strawberry frappuchino~ *sings*

Cute Halloween: Invitation cards

Halloween can be scary cute! Or at least I think so. If you don't check these cute Halloween invitation cards~!

Happy Halloween by Kristen Craft (this one is not available for buying anymore :C)

Some years ago I made invitations for my kids inspired on the Monsters Parade one, they ended up very well! I still have to think about which invitations I'll give this year for my kids's party (ok, it's kinda late, but still, I'll try to think about something this weekend ;_;).

Have a nice day~!

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Featured on a new Treasury: Pounce Fantastique!

My chocochip keychain has been featured on a new fantastique treasury~!
I found out this treasury is part of a 365 project, one treasury by day. Check it out! I think it's a lovely idea, and every treasury is just adorable~~~


EDIT: This treasury made it to Etsy's Front Page! Congratulations FactoryGirlAshli !!


wtf, for some reason I thought yesterday was Friday o.o
Hello everyone~
I've wanted to make a little wishlist for ages, been collecting pictures of stuff I want in folders and I decided it was a good moment to start now.
This are SOME of the things I want. I will always add things to the list because the world is full of cute and lovely and awesome stuff, but well, it's a beggining xD

1. Speedball linoleum cuters: I love handmade rubber stamps. I think they are some of the cutest things on earth. Therefore, I've been wanting to make rubber stamps and actually tried some, but my stamps would be MILLIONS times better if I had this linoleum cuters from Speedball. And I didn't add the image, but a carving block would be awesome too. I must limit my stamps to rubber-size because I couldn't find any store that sells carving blocks ~_~
2. Photo tent kit: I know, you can make a lightbox with a cardboard box, but c'mon, you would love to have one of this. I know I would! It comes with a tripod for your camera and two lamps and it's-just-perfect.
3. Fijifilm instant camera: Two words: Instant-Camera. There's not much more to say ;_;
4. Momiji dolls: I love kokeshi dolls, and Momiji makes... well, uber cute kokeshi inspired dolls. This are totally adorable! And the perfect decoration for the next item on my list...
5. EXPEDIT Desk: I've been wanting a new workspace for years, and this desk is so-perfect ;_; I found this on IKEA.

Well, wishlists are addictive xD That's all for today~ !

martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

I ♥ blogs

I've been wanting to have some kind of "section" where I feature a blog I like a lot, recently found or on my faves for ages. Just feeling like spreading some love to all those inspiring blogs who add a little color to my life~

Milk Overdose is a blog about cuteness. Taby Kislanov definitely has a tooth for girly and cute stuff! I could spend hours and hours there, surfing in an ocean of cuteness. Addictive as sugar!

Milk Overdose

This blog written in portuguese, but c'mon, we know you're there for the eyecandy *nods*
Check it out~! (if you haven't yet *wink*)

Have a nice day!!

I'm an Etsy Latino Team member~~~

Well, I sent the Team Admin a convo some time ago, but I needed to have 20 or + items on my shop. So, as soon as I got the 20 items, I convo her again and here I am~ a proud member of the Etsy Latino Team~~*happy sparkles everywhere*

I can't wait to start working with the team, it really motivates me to keep on working!

sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010

SALE @ Strawberry Anarchy

Miquette is a Scottish artist, who loves kawaii stuff and owns a shop called Strawberry Anarchy. As she's having a baby next month, she's making a promotion for all the customers who buy from her Etsy and Folksy shops. Check it out!!
All orders on the Straberry Anarchy Etsy and Folksy shops will be Half Price (excluding postage). Miquette will refund you back 50% after your purchase.

I hope she sells everything on both of her shops :3

Featured on a new Treasury: My Favorite Shops with Animals

I get super happy when I find out that one of my creations gets included in some treasury. Yesterday I god included on one by Lissette Padilla from TheBqe. Thank you hun~~!

You can check Lissette's work on Etsy, Artfire or follow her on Twitter 
Have a nice day~!

viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

My Boot Camp Buddy :3

I was reading the Holiday Boot Camp Wrap Up for this week and I remembered that I still hadn't got a camp buddy D: so I started looking on the forums for someone to poke, with some taste for cute things and who makes things related to what I do in some way or another. And I found Tranifer :3 I took a peek at her twitter & blog and sent her a message, and she said yes~. But I must tell you a secret: when I found out she has pink hair and loves cupcakes, I said "she MUST be my buddy" xD

Check Trenifer's Etsy shop, is full of cute little monsters and zombie creatures~! This are some of my favourites:

Anyway, I'm looking forward for the next weeks at Boot Camp~!

domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

"Conoceme antes de comprarme" sortea una Tableta grafica Genius M406

Hace años que quiero una tarjeta grafica, y por diferentes motivos no pudimos comprarla ;_; pero bueno, capaz que tengo suerte y me gano la que esta sorteando Conoceme antes de comprarme, en este post

Las especificaciones tecnicas de la tableta estan en este post 

Ah... me muero por tener una de estas ;_; espero haber llegado a tiempo xD

Deseenme suerte~~

sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

Latest items @ my shop~

How's everyone been doing? To tell you the truth, my week has been pretty bleh in a lot of aspects. So I'm looking forward to this new week to start some new projects and fill my store with new items.

Are you planning something for this Halloween? Right now I'm working on a little pumpkin set ^^ I hope to finish it soon so I can show it to you~

So, this are my latest items on Etsy~

This are two cupcake keychains I made for an anime convention, I had a strawberry one, but a girl bought it :3 so I only have this two left. I'll make another strawberry cupcake soon too ^^

I got inspired in decora fashion to make this multicolored bear. If I was a decora girl I would take it anywhere xD Hm... I think his mother was a rainbow *thinks*

I have some pencils to post, but I need to take some other pictures than the ones I've got ^^ And a chocolate chip cookie phone charm. I must confess that I have a carve for sweet things. If you haven't noticed it yet xDD

I'm not down about the fact that I haven't sell anything on Etsy yet, but obviously I'm not happy at all with it. I knew this would take some time to get moving, but sometimes I get a little... hmm... worried about it. I hope this Holiday Boot Camp helps me with that ^^

Have a super duper nice day (or night, or whatever xD)~


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